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Happy Spirit Illustrations

To-do list ― Gradient energy

To-do list ― Gradient energy

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We know sometimes we lost track of what we have to do in our day. This notepad will help you go through that and motivate you. ☺
  • 4x6 inches
  • 50 sheets
  • 5 cases to fill

There is just enough blank space for you to focus on what's important in your day. In the first one, you have to write 3 tasks to complete absolutely. In the second one, you choose a positive quote to motivate you. In the third one, you write your absolute goal of the day. On the side of your goal, we put a space where you can doodle something (we thought it was kinda funny). Finally, you can schedule some tasks or little missions to complete at morning, afternoon or evening. Don't forget your SELFCARE. ♡

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